Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photo Shots Around Town: Cool Saskatoon 1

Text and photos (c) Robert Barry Francos

Taken during a long walk (and after) around Saskatoon. It was pretty cold, but it was easy to tell Spring was just about to start. Pictures can be enlarged by double-clicking them.

Hoar frost; yes, it's spelled hoar

A dentist in need of attention

Earl's, a classy place to eat (have yet to be inside)

Simon(e) Sez: women on signs, touch your head


The local-yet-internationally-known beer factory

Am I interpreting this wrong?

Seedy bar with funny sign

A music instrument store on the edge of downtown

This was the King George Hotel before renovations into the present office building; it used to have a bowling alley in the basement that is now our kitchen counter

Downtown store trying to make me feel at home; where's CBGBs?

A downtown handmade sign

One of lots of good music stores downtown

Meat store on the poor side o' town

Icicles from our window

Ming and Memphis, who own the house we pay for.

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