Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March on Washington Solidarity March in Saskatoon, January 21, 2017

Text and Images (c) Robert Barry Francos

Shortly after I moved to Saskatoon from Brooklyn in 2009, I was involved in a march against George Bush Jr. speaking at a local engagement. Now, I found myself once again into the fray in a solidarity march against the anti-women policies of Donald Trump and his administration.

It was expected to be about 200 people meeting at 10 AM on a cold Saturday morning at City Hall, but the number has been estimated anywhere from 500 to more than 800. It was a positive experience (unlike Bush, for which the march felt angry) which signs and speakers, but very little Hey Hey Ho Ho chanting. Yet we were all stout of purpose.

Organized by Karen Brander and Alice de Cloedt, the speakers included First Nations elder Marjorie Beaucage, City Councillors Danielle Chartier and Hilary Gough, and Women's and Gender Studies professor (recently from Chile), Manuela Valle-Castro. They roused the crowd who then set off on a mile or so march through downtown Saskatoon. For those interested, down 4 Ave S., right onto 19 St, and then right to go up 3 Ave S, and back to City Hall, where the parade broke up just after 11:30 or so. Some petered off at the end, others met back in the park in camaraderie.

I had the honor to be a marshal along the route (you can see me in my red vest at :37 HERE).
Co-organizer Alice de Cloedt in the center.

Marshaling the marshals.

Matching, kinda-sorta

Amateur and pro...

Matching cat hats

Would lead the march

Speakers gather

Two good friends I went on a road trip to Yellowknife with a few years back

Dressed like a pussy-cat.

 First Nations elder Marjorie Beaucage leads off the rally

City Councillor Danielle Chartier

Marshals waiting to marshal

Friend and photographer par excellent Aloy Fleishmann posing i foreground

Alice did the speaker introductions

First-term City Councillor Hilary Gough

Professor Manuela Valle-Castro

Marjorie leads the group in a First Nations' song.

The March begins

Happily, it was widely covered by the media

Passing City Hall near the end of the March

Group shot of front-line marchers!

Brilliant umbrella (her idea)

Favorite sign


Closing it down