Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nicole White NDP House Concert Fundraiser, featuring Allyson Reigh

Images and text (c) Robert Barry Francos

I've known Nicole White and her partner Jai Richards since I've been coming to Saskatoon, and especially since I moved here in 2009. A more intelligent, warm-hearted, socially-driven is hard to find (not counting Jai and my own partner, of course).

On August 30, the day before NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was set to speak in the city, Nicole and Jai had an intimate fundraiser in their back yard in the form of a house concert. The performer was the warm and wonderful Allyson Reigh, who is as fun solo as she is in her group, Rosie and the Riveters. The emcee was Brice Field, who also organized the event.  

If you are interested in contributing here are some contacts:

Nicole White on the left, and Brice Field in the center

Jai Richards leans over the railing

Allyson Reigh prepares

Brice introduces Allyson

Baby pink nail polish!

The sun sets over Allyson's shoulder

In front of a beautiful old tree


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