Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chinese New Year's Celebration, 2010, TCU Place

Text and photos (c) Robert Barry Francos

The year of the Tiger may have started a couple of days before, but it was Sunday night, February 21, 2010, that the day was recognized in celebration and collective participation at the TCU Place.

The groups performing were the Sichuan Professional Art Institute (who arrived by plane from China just hours before), the Chinese Students & Scholars Association at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Chinese Dance School of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon Branch).

The colors of the outfits were bright as flowers, but thanks to sitting way to the side in row R, a lot of color - and focus - was lost in the translation. Being digital had its effect, as well. Sitting so far back, I was not sure the camera would even be worthwhile in that lighting, so I did not try until the second half of the show, which is represented below.

At the end of the performances, Saskatoon's mayor, Don "Ramses II" Atchison, gave out a plaque to the show's organizers, and trinkets to each performer, having a great photo op before heading out to the Olympics to unveil Saskatoon's newest mean mascot, Sunny.

To see larger images, just double-click on the picture. For more of this celebration (and many others), you can find them here at my photo-storing site:

May the year of the Tiger be one that fills your tank and is grrrrrreat!

These photos are dedicated to Ping, who generously gave us the tickets.

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