Sunday, November 8, 2009

Song Dedicated to RBF!

Text other than song (c) Robert Barry Francos

Googling myself today, I found this "Open Letter to Robert Barry Francos" from singer-songwriter Joseph Baginski. He's a Brooklyn performer who I saw play at a show at Has Beans, in Brooklyn, earlier this year. I must admit I felt I was honest, though hardly kind. You can find the review HERE:  

Here is the song or poem he wrote:

Monday, August 10, 2009

An open letter to Robert Barry Francos

Robert Barry Francos

Is a miserable old man
Who is as narrow as the streets he walks upon
He is as outdated as the trolley tracks
That line our decrepit mad streets
The only baby boom he experiences
Comes from an August rainfall
He was born again
Then he died again
Once more/ Once too many
He walks around completely dead
Utterly unaware
A hippie as close minded
As the man he fought back in 68
He has no love inside
He can only give hate
Brought into this world
With the company of others
He will die alone/ No soul insight
He gets hit by a bus first

Joseph Baginski

You can find it here:

And this was my response that I wrote on his blog:

That was great, thanks! Just so you know, I was bar mitvah'd in '68, so I was not marching against "the man." And as I wish you no harm, truly, sad thing is you can't say the same. I can see you used my photo on your blog, so can we all say "hunh"? Never was a hippie, though I like some of their music (except those damn guitar solos). I was born a son of the Ramones in June '75 when I saw them at CBGB's. I spent a large chunk of the punk movement with people dissing me and my opinions, so you think you're gonna hurt my feelings? Ha! I once had a review from a punk 'zine of my own 'zeen (FFanzeen, 1977-88) that said, "Boring newsprint tabloid." Still my favorite review so far. Come to think of it, I'm a-gonna reprint this on MY blog. Thanks, again for the mention, and good luck with your career (which I say wholly with no malice or sarcasm). Take care, RBF

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  1. As example of creative depression his lyrics are nice but not as catchy as "Fifi Goes Pop."

    By calling himself a baby boomer he maybe dating himself as older than his critics.

    And speaking of dating himself....