Friday, December 19, 2008

Remembering Liss Jeffrey

Photos taken at a Media Ecology Conference at Boston University
(c) Robert Barry Francos

Liss Jeffrey was an academic I had the pleasure to have known for a few years through my association with the Media Ecology Association. Having met her at a number of conferences, I found her headstrong, opinionated, and with a blazing sense of humor. Below is information about her taken from a number of sources:

After nearly 4 years battling cancer, Liss Jeffrey Ph.D has passed from this life on Tuesday December 16, 2008. Mary Elisabeth Goforth was born in Nakuru, Kenya and was educated at Harvard University (graduated A.B., summa cum laude), York University near Toronto(M.A.), and McGill University in Montreal (Ph.D). In her career, she was an investigative journalist (CITY-TV), teacher, author, international orator, Marshall McLuhan scholar, new media critic, naturelover, and fierce seeker of the truth.

I shall miss talking to her at conferences, as is the person below. This was taken after a forum focused on Neil Postman. RIP.

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