Sunday, October 19, 2008

Suzy Hotrod, 2004

FFoto (c) Robert Barry Francos/FFanzeen

This is a ffoto I took of guitarist Suzy Hotrod when she played in Lady Unluck. It was taken March 13, 2004, at Peggy O'Neill's in Coney Island, during a show run by The Nerve! And who is Suzy Hotrod, really?

Suzy Hotrod, guitar player of Kissy Kamikaze. founding member of Lady Unluck, all girl punk rock from New York Shitty. Also captain of the Queens of Pain, a team in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. All in all a ficticious character that doesn't exist in the real world. (from

And why did I put this on here? Because I like it.

Manic Panic, under the graphics eye of bassist Gyda Gash, used the ffoto (with my permission) on their Website, and did a little something with it that I thought was cool. You can find it here:

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