Thursday, May 10, 2007

She Wolves, Mynks: Delancey, 5/9/2007

There have been a few shake-ups in the She Wolves camp, but one thing for sure, each incarnation has its own flavor, and each one (presently they are in Mach 3) has the power of a full-swing chainsaw. Last time I saw them play was, well, too long ago. While I have had the opportunity to hang out with drummer Tony (Wolf)Mann and Mach 1 bassist Laura Sativa during the last Wigstock (and the Poison Aeros from Ontario), and interviewed vox/guitarist Donna She Wolf and Mach 2 bassist/legend Gyda Gash – the interview was e-published by Punk Globe ( – the previous time I saw the band perform was at CBGBs way back. So long ago that the opening act was the now-defunct and missed Lady Unluck.

When I heard they were going to be playing at Delancey, on the Lower East Side of New York, I figured it would be a good time to get to see their new line-up. The first band was announced to go on at 8:45, but the ads said 10:30. I arrived at 8:30, and got to hang out with Donna and Tony just-post soundcheck, and with Gass Wild of the Love Pirates who was helping to roadie. He told me how he caught a vicious form of pneumonia earlier this year, and almost checked out. Also met were some other cool folks, like Christine Natanael of, and a few guys from Reality Check TV (, one of whom, Huge, gave me a copy of their “Real Rock Divas” DVD (to be reviewed on a future blog). The gig was a release party for said DVD (and birthday celebration for one of their own, Ace).

First band up was the Mynks. In some ways being diametrically opposite of the She Wolves, they were a blast. Imagine Cheap Trick with a bit more balls, but ironically if Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen were women. Actually, the band is three-fifth female (vox, lead and rhythm guitars). There’s a definite pop leaning, with Em’s vocals being solid yet pleasing, and some solid and strong guitar and rhythm backing it up. There was some technical problem with the amp that fed the bass at one point, which Em commented on by expressing disappointment in not being able to share the strong bass-line of the song with the crowd.

After an amazingly swift complete stage change, the She Wolves came up (set list below). New bassist Jamie Gorman was definitely up for the task and, well, looked the part. They started off strong with the opening cut from their “13 Deadly Sins” CD, “Vicious Tit” (gotta wonder about those mom issues…, hahaha). They proceeded to go through some of their very strong numbers, like “Art of War”, “Crimewave”, and Tony’s great solo, “Chainsaw” that has a hook that goes right through you like a…well…you get the picture.

Toward the end of the set, metal guitar legend Richie Scarlet jumped up (accompanied by his OWN roadie to plug in his guitar) to wail on the Tony-led cover of “Holiday In the Sun”. There was that pesky gremlin again, screwing up the guitar wire, knocking out Richie’s solo for about two stanzas. Tt’s always fun to be in the presence of legends – many of who seems to be happy to be around the She Wolves – but I must that that while he was technically flashy, I liked the more down to earth roll in the mud subtle bombastic guitar styles of Donna. At least with Donna you can follow a melody line, rather than just didit-didit-didit-didit-wah-wah-wah. Ross the Boss of the Dictators was a master at finding the middle ground of these two styles. I am not trying to put down Richie’s playing OR style, just making a comment on my particular taste. I would LOVE to be ABLE to do what he does.

For the last song, with Richie still on stage, Queen Vixen of Donna’s old band The Cycle Sluts From Hell jumped up for a totally rousing version of Donna’s “I Wish You Were a Beer”. And just like that – or what felt like just that – the show was over.

There were a couple of more bands playing, but it’s a work night and I’m…well, realistic. After my saying some goodbyes, and a stop at the now relatively pricey Grey’s Papaya, I headed for the subway. A new day – my birthday – was blooming.

A link to the pictures I took of this event will follow soon.

1. Vicious Tit
2. Satan
3. Chainsaw
4. Keep Yer God
5. Art of War
6. Crime Wave
7. Holiday in the Sun
8. I Wish You Were a Beer

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