Thursday, August 22, 2013

Waiting for the Diodes: A Pig Paper Reprint from 1978

Image copied with permission from the Pig Paper, printed in Mississauga, Ontario, 1978.

Though I remember the incident well, I had forgotten I'd even written this until the publisher and pal, Gary Pig Gold, reminded me by sending me this image of a page of his excellent fanzine, The Pig Paper No. 8. Here is the Internet Archive's description of that issue:

Issue 8 of the Pig Paper came out in April 1978 and featured pieces on Elvis Costello, the Viletones, The Forgotten Rebels, The Dishes, Teenage Head, the Diodes, a show review of the Runaways and the Heartbreakers, some photos of Elvis Costello, Mickey Skin, Margeretta Passion, Frankie Venom, Carole Pope, Robert Gordon, and loads of gossip.

Free reprints of the entire fanzine's releases can be found here:

The page can be made bigger (and is easier to read) by clicking on it.


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