Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo Essay: Street Scenes, July 2007

Text and photos (c) Robert Barry Francos, 2010

I enjoy taking photos of people and places, usually unposed to catch them at their most real. Here are some I took in New York. The main locations were out my office window, and on Fifth Avenue, in the high 40s and low 50s. Photos can be made larger by double clicking them.

[Wanna ride?]

[More is more]


[Painting on the steps of St. Pat's]

[Vendor confab]

[I love this hat, with no sarcasm implied, nor desire to own]

[Dave's deliveries]

[Yippies when they age]

[Cowbow School tour]

[Puke Green School tour]

[Too much stuff]


[Ladies man]

[Monk with a backpack]

[Bored teens on vacation]

[Reading on the steps of St. Pat's]

[Taking pix]

[Natural color?]

[Italian tourist]

[Great tats]

[guitar slinger]

[Batgirl, possibly unknowingly walked in front of DC Comic's office]

[What the shirt?]

[Colorful truck with '70s flashbacks]

[Ignoring the kids]

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